July 22, 2013

The fact that GaymerX exists at all is both an indictment of our collective barbarism — that such a thing is even required — and it is a source of comfort that gaming moves forward, albeit at a crawl.

The San Francisco event, which pitches itself as the "first LGBT gaming convention focused on queer geek culture," is set to take place Aug. 3-4, and is predicted to attract around 2,000 people.

Its organizer Matt Conn told Polygon that GaymerX is there to create a "safe space" for members of the LGBT gaming community. The event's Kickstarter raised $50,000, four times its target, suggesting significant demand for just such a place.

"It's not the fault of [E3 organizer] the ESA or PAX that the gaming community can be homophobic and a little ignorant of other communities," he said. "Our job is to get a safe space for people to get together and talk about the things they like to geek out about."