Chicago Phoenix
December 11, 2012

A handful of LGBT and civl rights organizations including The Civil Rights Agenda will host a discussion and town hall meeting this week to build community awareness of the Chicago Police Department’s new transgender general order, a policy that outlines how police interact with transgender and gender nonconforming detainees. The event, scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Building, 430 S. Michigan Ave., Room 244, will be the first public gathering held specifically to discuss the CPD general order, which went into effect Aug. 22. Representatives from TCRA’s Transgender Rights Project, the People’s Law Office, the Transformative Justice Law Project, the Loundy Human Rights Project and Illinois Gender Advocates will lead the discussion and review the new policy as well as thoroughly explain specific points as they relate to individual rights. "We hope that a lot of folks come to be able to educate themselves on this,” said Anthony Martinez, executive director of TCRA. “It is a very imporatnat discussion to have, specifically as we look at what needs to be addressed within the policy — which currently isn’t necessarily the best policy.”