October 16, 2012
Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and I wanted to share something a little more personal. While it’s not about me, it is connected to my coming out. Since I came out seven years ago, my mom has been on a journey. Many in my family weren’t surprised, and all have been incredibly supportive and accepting, but to my mom, this was unexpected news. Since that day, she’s stepped up and made fighting for equality a personal cause. She’s come out of her comfort zone to take an active role in local efforts in the campaigns on marriage equality (both in 2009 and today) – something that’s not as easy as you might think when you live in a small town. Knowing that you may find out some of your neighbors and life-long friends might not believe your child deserves equal rights is daunting. But now, she’s gone a step further and has a letter to the editor running in several newspapers around the area where I grew up. Sally Field shows us what a high-profile mother advocate looks like, but I’d like to think mine is just as impactful (though, I am admittedly biased).