The HuffingtonPost
February 12, 2013
Being the first African-American transgender woman to produce and star in her own television show was something au courant to Laverne Cox. Even on the heels of making history by being the first black, transgender woman to appear on a reality television program, it was something to grapple with. In 2008, Cox starred in VH1’s “I Want To Work for Diddy," which garnered her the starring role in the spin-off show,“TRANSform Me," which she also produced. Cultural pioneers are typically showered with appreciation and accolades, but Cox received the opposite. The responses she received from peers and fellow members of the transgender community were discouraging and overwhelming, but Cox continued to prevail, pursuing her dreams as an actress.

We applaud Laverne on her tremendous success as an actress and as an advocate for the trans community. Laverne is also nominated for her work in Musical Chairs.