The Rainbow Times
September 6, 2013

BOSTON, Mass. — Boston Pride will host its third annual Latin@ Pride celebration September 21 through September 28 through various events in the Boston area. The organization took ownership of Latino Pride from the group Somos Latinos three years ago, who ran it for eight years prior. Latin@ Pride Co-Chairs Henry Paquin and Patricia Arevalo explained the meaning behind this year’s theme—United, Empowered, and Moving Forward/Unidos, Empoderados, y Siguiendo Hacia Adelante.

“Latin@ Pride has always worked towards uniting the organizations in Boston that serve the LGBTQ Community of Color,” said Paquin and Arevalo. “This is extremely important now because this is a time when legislation is being passed and taken under consideration for both the LGBTQ Community and Latin Community in the United States. The only way we can truly empower ourselves and move forward is by coming together. There’s always power in numbers.”