Mused Magazine
June 19, 2013

Atlanta radio personality and YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor recently pronounced from his own scientific study that single black mothers are the sole reason black males are gay, resulting in them proudly rapping about “gay” sex. He begins his rant with a disclaimer: “I want to say this before I start off: I have no problem with a persona’s sexual orientation or a person’s want or need for sexual experimentation. Now with that said, these boys are the reason why we need to stop claiming that black children don’t need their fathers.” Yes, because gay boys are the result of single-parent homes. After all those years of watching their mothers put on makeup and not throwing a football, and sneaking peaks at their father’s Playboys that have turned our black males gay. I guess it would be too much to equally hold men and women responsible for their reproductive choices. Single mothers are doing the best they can with the resources provided. Being gay isn’t mathematical equation; it is who someone is. It’s not a trained behavior. James Baldwin didn’t know his father wasn’t his biological father until his teens. And mind you, Baldwin grew up in a “traditional” Christian home.