The Shreveport Times
July 16, 2012
Jay Williams gazed out his apartment window overlooking Fairfield Avenue. It was a momentary reprieve from the hassle of packing boxes “” he and his partner were leaving Shreveport. “We’re trading a beautiful view of the city for a beautiful view of mountains. It’s a shame, though, that we’re leaving here. We love this place. We would have stayed. We would have stayed.” Once the boxes were packed and the car loaded, they left for Texas to stay with family. Soon enough, they’d be in New Mexico at their new Santa Fe home. Until that week, Williams was a music teacher at Caddo Magnet High School. His partner was an artist and, in Santa Fe, still is. Williams has a new job there teaching middle school orchestra. Moving, he said, was a tough decision. And there were plenty of reasons to consider it. In the end, the choice came down to one thing “” his partner’s health.