CBC News
December 11, 2012

Two gay men claim they were singled out for kissing at a Charlottetown bar, but one of the owners says it's all a misunderstanding. The two men say they were on the dance floor of Jack Cameron's Nightclub and Eatery on Friday night when they kissed. They say co-owner Gordie Cameron pulled them aside and told them to stop. The men, who asked to remain anonymous, say they were told the bar has a new policy against kissing on the dance floor, but other straight couples were kissing and weren't told to stop. "Targeting one gay couple and no straight couple puts a bad image on him. It's just sad to see that on Prince Edward Island. We have a larger population of homophobic people," one of the men said. CBC News agreed not to name him. The men posted their story on Facebook. It wasn't long before hundreds of posts appeared on the bar's Facebook page and some personal pages, accusing the bar and Cameron of being homophobic and discriminatory. Cameron posted a reply. He admitted that he asked the men to stop kissing, but said there was no animosity and he bought them each a drink. He said he never kicked them out.