Out Sports
May 8, 2013
Kevin Grayson, a star wide receiver for the University of Richmond from 2008-2011, has come out publicly as gay in an interview with WTVR in Richmond, Va. (video below) He told the station he was out to select teammates, but is now out to the world. Being closeted "eats away at you like its own cancer," he told the station. "People didn't believe it because I was an athlete" Grayson said in an exclusive interview with CBS 6. "They're like ‘Kevin plays football, he plays basketball he runs track. No way you know? Those are the types of things where if I could go back and say; ‘Why can't I be an athlete? Why can't I be a star player? Why can't I be the guy making plays that helps my team win, and still on the flip side, be a gay male?' ...