Metro Weekly
January 29, 2013

Hours before President Barack Obama is set the unveil his immigration plan during a speech in Las Vegas, Sen. John McCain said that comprehensive immigration reform that includes rights for binational same-sex couples is “not of paramount importance.” Appearing Tuesday on CBS's This Morning, the Arizona Republican responded to a BuzzFeed report that Obama would include same-sex couples in his immigration reform, stating, "Well, it's something that frankly is not of paramount importance at this time." "We'll have to look at it, we'll have to gauge how the majority of Congress feels, but that to me is a red flag that frankly we will address in time," McCain said, adding that there are still a number of "very difficult issues" that need to be resolved. McCain is one of the eight senators who revealed the outline for the Senate's plan for immigration reform at a press conference yesterday. The bipartisan working group on immigration reform, dubbed the "gang of eight," did not include provisions in their plan that would allow gay Americans to sponsor their partners for citizenship as straight Americans can.