July 29, 2013

IOWA CITY, Iowa - A birth certificate listing only one parent has left an Iowa City same-sex couple confused. Last week Lindsey Clark and Joanne Abbas received a birth certificate for their second child, Thea. The certificate lists only Joanne as a parent, despite a May Iowa Supreme Court ruling, which states both same-sex parents should be allowed to put their names on a newborn’s birth certificate.

“[Joanne] opened it and said you’re not on here,” Lindsey Clark said. “I looked at her and I’m like, you’re joking.”

The couple said they filled out the necessary paperwork at the time of Thea’s birth. Abbas, who carried Thea, listed herself as the mother. Clark also listed her name on the paperwork with guidance from hospital staff.

“We’ve heard there are some other cases like ours,” said Clark. “I don’t understand why, after this ruling.”