August 21, 2013

PERRY TOWNSHIP – A Central Indiana teen says he was bullied for being gay and then physically attacked on a Perry Township school bus.

Police are investigating the incident, which happened last Thursday on a bus ride home from Southport High School.

The teen, known to Fox 59 News only as W.R. says he’s openly gay and has endured gay bullying through the years, but the physical confrontation has him shaken.

“It freaks me out. I’m anxious all the time,” W.R. said. “Whenever I’m at school I’m scared. I don’t want to be hurt.”

W.R. says he got into an argument with two fellow students after they began picking on his friend. A short time later, he says they turned their attention to him, attacking his sexuality.

“(They were) calling me a ‘f**’,” W.R. said.

Soon after, he says the slurs gave way to threats.

“Whenever we neared my stop, they were talking about how they wanted to get off the bus and ‘beat my a**,’” W.R. said.

When the bus did stop, W.R. says he got up to leave, but one of the boys stood up to block the aisle.

“I tried to push him out of the way, just to be able to get off the bus,” W.R. said. “And if he was going to try and harm me, just to run home.”

He says that’s when things turned violent.