The Indianapolis Star
May 3, 2012
After her son, Dynasty Young, 17, reported several instances of bullying that were not properly addressed by school administrators, Chelisa Grimes sent her son to school with a self-protection device. On April 16, allegedly after being cornered by a group of students who called him names, cursed and threatened to beat him up, Dynasty fired the device into the air. The students backed off, and no one was injured. Shortly thereafter, school police officers came into Dynasty's classroom and handcuffed him. Dynasty has been suspended from school and is now facing expulsion.
GLAAD commends reporter Carrie Ritchie at The Indianapolis Star for this thoughtful piece that raises a number of important questions in the ongoing national conversation about bullying. We're also in the process of trying to reach Darnell "Dynasty" Young and his mother, Chelisa Grimes.