The Chicago Tribune
February 7, 2013

Gov. Pat Quinn marked the unofficial launch of his 2014 re-election campaign Wednesday, delivering a State of the State address pitched at Democratic primary election voters inclined to like his calls for a minimum wage increase, an assault weapons ban and gay marriage. As is the custom in such speeches, the governor got to brag about himself a bit. He ticked off a long list of what he views as major accomplishments, such as launching the first statewide public works program in more than a decade, eliminating a troubled legislative scholarship program and putting in place campaign contribution limits for the first time in Illinois. "We have moved Illinois forward. But we have much more to do. At this point, each and every one of us has a choice to make about what we want our Illinois to look like," Quinn said. "Do we want, in the years to come, a prosperous Illinois where working people continue to have good jobs, where businesses thrive and where all our children have a world-class education? Or do we want to stop the progress and watch our economic recovery stall?"