Huffington Post
July 5, 2012
[My experience at LGBT summer camps] strengthened my faith. Although the dynamics were different, both religious camps provided spaces for LGBT Christians. Not only did the camps allow attendees to feel safe being themselves, I found the environment to be a reaffirming sanctuary. I think that it is so important for LGBT Christian youth to have places in which they can be themselves and explore their faith and identity. I was fortunate to find these two camps and feel it is important to educate people about these opportunities. I pray for the day when LGBT youth can find such acceptance and caring in their own congregations. Until then, I am thankful that these two camps, and the many more like them, still exist.

Nicole mentions The Naming Project and Wonderfully Made, but there are many more LGBT Summer Camps: Camp Lightbulb, Spiritual Pride Project, Camp Aranu'tiq, Camp fYrefly, and Camp Ten Trees, just to name a few. Please add other LGBT camps that you know about in the comments.