The New York Times
June 11, 2012
Patrick Healy: "INTENDED or not, President Obama’s declaration of support for gay marriage had some of the classic hallmarks of a celebrity coming out of the closet and identifying himself or herself as gay. It was a carefully orchestrated revelation, designed to try to maximize acceptance and minimize any negative consequences from, say, the Christian ministers whom Mr. Obama mollified by phone. It was not unlike how openly gay actors used to worry about the reaction within Hollywood. And yet: even as Mr. Obama reached this latest stage of his evolution on same-sex marriage, the traditional way of coming out was beginning to seem passé. Last month, the two-time Emmy Award winner Jim Parsons, the star of the hit CBS comedy 'The Big Bang Theory,' talked to me about being gay during an interview about his career — and made clear that he never considered himself in the closet, per se, but was simply a private person. His no-fuss manner demonstrated how, for some gay stars, a new normal exists that avoids the choreographed tap dance out of the closet..."