August 23, 2013

We don’t expect much from politicians in Alabama, but every time they reach a new subterranean standard, they grab a shovel and go even lower. This time it’s Dean Young, one of nine Republicans running in a special election in one of the state’s Congressional districts. Young, a businessman who unsuccessfully ran for the seat in 2012, believes that  it’s “time for men and women of faith to stand for the founding Christian values and morals that made our nation great, to defend our families and the sacred holiness of marriage.”

Therefore, Young has taken it upon himself to come up with a six-point pledge that he supports and that he is calling on his opponents to sign. As might be imagined, the pledge is a combination of knuckle-dragging homophobia and spelling errors:

1. I believe that the only marriage is between one man and one woman.

2. I believe the Biblical condemnation of homosexuality and thereby gay marriage.

3. The tenants [sic] of my church oppose gay marriage.

4. I oppose gay marriage.

5. As a member of Congress, I shall take active steps to oppose gay marriage.

6. I support the by-law change to expel any member of the Republican Executive Committee who opposes the party position by supporting gay marriage.

That last bit is aimed at the state party, which is trying to expel the head of the College Republicans Federation of Alabama, for being okay with marriage equality.