Huffington Post
August 10, 2012
An illuminated roadside construction sign allegedly posted in Provo, Utah appears to display the words “God Hates Gays.” A video of the sign was posted to YouTube on Aug. 9 by user “SaveYourself777.” In its description, the user said that she encountered the sign on University Avenue on her drive home Tuesday night. “I thought this was messed up,” she wrote, finding the message so objectionable that she needed to share it. The user, whose name is Annie Frewin, shared the video on her Facebook page, and encouraged others to re-post. Frewin wrote that she felt proper action wasn’t taken. “[Nine times out of ten] there is a cop on that street, because I’ve never ever gone down that road, especially at 1 a.m., without seeing at least three cops at one end of that road between the overpass and the freeway entrances,” she wrote on her wall. “If it was about anything else, it would already been taken down.”