Yahoo! News
January 3, 2013
A lawmaker called it “a Christmas gift to the people.” But the proposed law late last year in the East African nation of Uganda was not a reprieve on taxes or better social services. It would add harsher punishments for convicted homosexuals, even up to a life sentence in prison. Uganda’s treatment of LGBT people is one end of a wide range of approaches to gay rights around the world. Even as several U.S. states recently voted on same-sex unions, and the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in two different cases, rights for the LGBT community differ from country to country, from full recognition of same-sex marriages, even up to the death penalty for being gay. As gay rights supporters push for more acceptance, the issue is increasingly being framed worldwide as one of fundamental human rights. In many countries, even where the law is unclear, members of the gay community are subject to enormous societal pressure. They are ostracized, bullied and sometimes physically attacked.
Christiane Amanpour speaks with Urvashi Vaid about the state of LGBT equality around the globe.