June 27, 2013

When it comes to sports, gay and lesbians are ahead of the game. A Nielsen survey, out Wednesday, finds that adult gay and lesbians were more likely to attend pro sports events, play sports, go online for sports news and videos, and play fantasy sports. Compared to the average adult online, gays and lesbians were 11% more likely than the average fan to attend pro sporting events and 7% more likely to play in an adult sports league, Nielsen found. They were also 51% more likely to watch sports-related videos online and 28% more likely to go online for sports news. As for fantasy sports, gays and lesbians were 39% more likely to play fantasy sports online than the average online adult. And the top ten U.S. sports sites also had a higher concentration of adult gay and lesbian visitors, according to the firm’s survey of 9,000 Americans during the first three months of 2013. SB Nation had the highest concentration of gay and lesbian visitors, more than double the online average.