Georgia Voice
August 6, 2012
A gay man was attacked in Atlantic Station on Saturday night after being asked if he was gay by an unknown male who fled the scene on foot, according to a friend of the victim. The assailant has not yet been arrested, according to a statement from the Atlanta Police Department. The victim was going to the Fenuxe Fire Party when he was attacked. The Fire Party was held at the Old Fox Grill at 261 19th St. A statement from APD spokesperson Carlos Campos referred to a "gay couple" being attacked: "It appears a gay couple was walking near 361 17th St. (Atlantic Station) when they were approached by an unknown male. The male asked the couple if they were gay. When the couple replied yes, the male punched one of them in the face, then fled on foot. Officers responded. The victim was advised to go to the hospital for examination. Nothing further as to extent of injuries. No arrest has been made. LGBT Unit notified," he said.