The News Tribune
November 20, 2012
Making a public statement is part of what weddings are about, but seldom are the statements so loud and clear. Teresa Guajardo and Tina Roose are getting married in the Capitol Rotunda in Olympia on Dec. 15, and they’re signing up as many other gay and lesbian couples as they can to turn the Capitol into one big wedding chapel that day. Why the Capitol? “It’s the people’s house,” Roose said. “It’s where the Senate and House and the governor all supported marriage equality.” “And,” Guajardo added, “it’s spectacularly beautiful.” Roose reserved the Rotunda in February after calculating that, if Referendum 74 were approved, Dec. 15 would be the first Saturday after the law went into effect. “It was an act of faith in the voters of the state of Washington,” she said. She said that on election night, in the glow of victory, her idea evolved into a plan to have as many couples as possible get married in the Capitol in simultaneous or consecutive ceremonies. “We just said, ‘Let’s share the joy,’” Guajardo said. “Let’s share the fun and give everybody an opportunity to have a beautiful event in a way that’s somewhat easy.” Roose, 67, is a retired librarian. Guajardo, 43, is a mental health counselor. They live in Olympia and have been together for 13 years. Read more here: