The Arizona Daily Sun
January 29, 2013

It took roughly two years, but activists have finally been able to bring a new draft of an anti-discrimination ordinance before the Flagstaff City Council. Local LGBT activists first asked the Council in February 2011 to resurrect a civil rights ordinance that was proposed in 2009 but not adopted. Activists have been dissatisfied with the previous council's decision two years ago to adopt "a resolution of inclusion" that carries no force of law. They asked the council to reconsider the ordinance. The civil rights ordinance, drafted by the city attorneys, would expand protections to cover sexual orientation, gender identity and veterans in employment and public accommodations. But not housing. City officials have been given legal advice that the newly created protected classes could not be extended to housing, which is covered by federal laws in cities under 250,000 in population. Federal housing statutes do not cover sexual preference, gender identity or veterans.