Poliglot (Metro Weekly)
July 12, 2012
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's attempt to deny benefits to state employees in same-sex relationships cost her a civil servant on Tuesday. Edwin Leslie, who until yesterday served as a member of the Arizona Tourism Advisory Council, resigned from his appointment in protest after the Republican governor's continued attempts to revoke benefits for same-sex couples that work for the state, reports The Arizona Republic. Earlier this month Brewer filed a petition requesting the Supreme Court reverse a September 2011 decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to prevent Arizona from implementing a 2009 law that would revoke health care benefits for state employees with same-sex partners. Supporters of the law have dubbed it a cost-saving device, but opponents say it is discriminatory. So far, an appellate court and a district court have agreed. Leslie, who lives with his partner and their son in Phoenix, delivered his resignation to Brewer after she decided to appeal the appellate court's decision to the Supreme Court on July 2. In his letter, Leslie calls out Brewer for remarks she made during Fourth of July celebrations.