July 24, 2013
The moment Orange Is the New Black really clicked for me was its third episode, which examines the situation of the prison’s sole trans woman inmate, Sophia Burset. In part that’s because the performer who plays her, Laverne Cox, has a wonderfully subtle presence in what, in less skilled hands, might have seemed a character that would be too on the nose. Flavorwire immediately reached out to her to see if she’d talk to us about her role, and she kindly got on the phone with us. Flavorwire: I really love the show, and I really love your character. Why don’t you tell me a bit about the casting process? How did you get this role? Laverne Cox: Well, I did it the old-fashioned way: I auditioned for it about a year ago, last August. I was with my agent and he told me about this show that was set in prison and that there was a role for me, and I was like, “Oh!”

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