Bilerico Project
October 12, 2012

The Florida Agenda, an LGBT newspaper in southern Florida has published a political attack ad paid for by the Broward Log Cabin Republican Club of Florida that features the body of slain American ambassador Chris Stevens. The ad claims that the Obama administration isn't protecting "gay/gay-friendly American citizens from the terror of Islamic radicalism" and suggests that Sharia law will be forced on America if Obama wins a second term. The advertisement also insinuates that Ambassador Stevens was gay. Rumors about Steven's sexual orientation were started by Kevin DuJan, a gay Republican known best for his outrageous claims about President Obama. DuJan, who writes for the right wing blog HillBuzz, has also alleged that the President is also secretly gay. "If the Obama administration isn't going to protect Gay/Gay-friendly American citizens from the terror of Islamic radicalism, what makes you think they will protect us from Shariah Law... ANYWHERE?" the ad asks above a Getty Images photo of the ambassador's body being carried through the streets of Benghazi following an attack on the embassy. A video posted by the New York Times shows Stevens being pulled out of a window shortly after the attack. People in the crowd can be heard saying that Stevens is alive and that they would be taking him to the hospital.