September 25, 2012

Four volunteer firefighters, three straight and one gay, talk about their bond and how that drives each of them to support marriage equality in a new ad for Mainers United for Marriage, the coalition working to pass a referendum to reinstate the law this November. The 30-second ad, which will begin running on TV in Maine’s three media markets Monday, features volunteer firefighters Andrew Shea, Dave Lorandeau, Eric Humphrey and Ryan Michel. The men collectively have more than 30 years experience fighting fires. “These guys are all straight,” says Michel in the spot. “So when I joined the department, I wondered how a brotherhood so tight like that would be accepting of someone who is gay.” Shea says, “The brotherhood that we have is not the straight firemen’s brotherhood. It’s the firemen’s brotherhood.” “If a guy works hard and does his job, I’m not going to judge him and we’re not going to judge him either,” Lorandeau says. “When we clear a call, I get to go home to my wife,” Humphrey says. “The guys I work with should be able to marry the person they love. We’re voting ‘Yes’ on 1.”

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