September 10, 2012
Open letter to Elizabeth Warren on a prisoner’s right to medical transition: It’s been a long time since I’ve been as excited about a political candidate as I am about you. You speak truth about income inequality in a way that is clear, honest, and heartfelt. At this point it scares me to trust a politician, but I believe you will do good work. I wish I was still a Massachusetts voter (born and raised in Boston) so I could cast my vote for you. Which is why I was so disappointed to read your recent comment that Michelle Kosilek, who is serving a life sentence for murdering her wife, should not be granted access to sex reassignment surgery. And it’s also why I’m writing to you. I believe you want to do good work, and I think this is an opportunity to correct an error, get educated about an issue you don’t know about, and hopefully become an ally to a community that could really use your help.
Jos Truitt of Feministing turns a candidate's comments about transition-related health care into an educational moment