July 16, 2013

For several minutes, she’s silent and doesn’t respond to my questions. “Yeah…it’s just… I’m from the hood, you know? We just need to be careful. Especially now,” Fox says grimly. “Keep asking me questions.” She gives directions, looking ahead.

I ask if she got her nickname from the tarot card the Queen of Swords. According to the card’s interpretation, the queen is holding a sword in one hand for self-protection, extending the other hand to protect others. The card is also meant to represent someone who has known sorrow.

“Nothing like that,” Fox says. The name came from a Facebook post. The transgender parent of one of her friends had recently been heckled on the street by a pack of men, and the friend posted that she was all right because she was “a queen of swords.” Fox didn’t know exactly what that meant, but it stuck. “That was like me in the ring,” she says. “I’m a Queen of Swords. I’m untouchable.” We drive on.