July 2, 2012
Elton John used his star power to urge the Ukraine to forego a proposed law that would ban “propaganda” about gay people after meeting with a LGBT rights activist who was the victim of a brutal antigay attack in Kiev. The singer spoke Saturday night from the stage during a concert in the center of the Ukranian capital, according to a joint news release from the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Kaleidoscope Trust, an international LGBT rights organization. “Recently I have read that people who are gay in Ukraine have been beaten up. And that for me is wrong. And that for me doesn’t symbolize Ukraine,” he said. “Ukraine is a good place and it is full of great people. It should never be a crime to be a different color, or a different religion or a different sexual orientation. We are all God’s children. We all deserve a chance. And I plead with you Ukraine, stop the violence against gay people and say no to law 8711. You are great people Ukraine. I love you very much. Let us embrace each other and hold each other close. We are all special people.”