The Advocate
September 12, 2013

The special investigation into the anti-LGBT policies of Exxon, the report on the assault on minority rights in Arizona, the work of the Hollywood juggernaut at play inEnder’s Game and in the comments by Roseanne Barr — all these scenarios present opportunities for us to boycott or engage in direct action to effect positive change. But Russia seems to me a problem more dire by an order of magnitude. By now the horrors inflicted by the Russian government and its people upon LGBTs in that country are well known. The government has adopted multiple antigay laws — legislation that had the full support of the increasingly vile Russian Orthodox Church — and in a couple of prominent recent examples, racists, priests, and veteran military thugs are harassing, beating, or torturing LGBTs, often in public, and often in full view of the police. While assembling this issue I read a report that an Uzbek victim of the neo-Nazi group Occupy Pedofilyaj had died from injuries suffered at their hands, in their practice of “curing” him of being gay.