Equality Matters
August 12, 2013

Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes, one of the most prominent homophobes in right-wing media, will now also enjoy a platform at The Daily Caller, where he has just been hired as a weekly columnist:

Starnes, a notorious race-baiter, devoted his first column to parroting the right-wing line that a recent Florida bus beating proves that black racism is as great a problem as white racism. 

If history is any guide, Starnes will also provide Daily Caller readers with a steady stream of anti-LGBT commentary.

GLAAD recently compiled an extensive list of Starnes's greatest anti-LGBT hits. He has suggested that the military's zero-tolerance policy for anti-gay hate speech portends "the end of days," mocked a transgender woman as a "burly man wearing a dress," blasted schools' efforts to crack down on anti-LGBT bullying, and cultivated ties to anti-gay hate groups like the Family Research Council (FRC) and the American Family Association (AFA).