Metro Weekly
December 20, 2012

Two weeks after the Catholic University of America rejected the proposal for CUAllies, a student organization for LGBT students and their allies, the club's lead organizer says supporters have not conceded. Instead, they may push for a student-wide referendum to support the formation of an on-campus LGBT group. The official reason given by university administrators to supporters of the club – which included 20 of the 23 members of the school's Student Association and representatives from multiple other campus student groups – for the rejection was that administrators fear such a group would become an advocacy organization. But Ryan Fecteau, speaker of the Student Association at the D.C.-based university and the former director of the unsanctioned CUAllies, says that rationale fails to take into account repeated attempts – over a period of more than nine months – by LGBT students and supporters to allay administrators' fears by promising the organization would not actively promote causes that might be in conflict with Catholic Church with regard to homosexuality. The school's decision was especially galling to supporters in light of the fact that Catholic University previously had an officially recognized gay and lesbian student organization, from 1988 to 2002, according to Fecteau.