The Jerusalem Post
February 5, 2013

A seven-member panel of the High Court of Justice on Sunday pressed the state to change the process for recognizing the homosexual parenthood of a child born through the process of surrogate motherhood. The court did not actually issue a formal ruling, but aggressively pushed the state toward answering over the next month if it would be willing to change its policies based on suggestions from petitioners and the court. Although the state expressed certain formal reservations throughout the hearing, it did not contradict most of the petitioners’ fundamental arguments about the alleged inefficiency and unfairness of the current process. Currently, the man from the homosexual couple who is the child’s biological father must pass a paternity test in which a sample of his genetic tissue is checked to prove he is the biological father. Subsequently, the second man in the couple – who has no biological relation to the child but was jointly involved in all of the decisions and who expects to be equally involved in parenting – must go through a lengthy process to legally adopt the child.