WIS-TV 10 South Carolina
January 31, 2013

"I didn't think it would happen soon and then it did." Getting legally married for Ryan Wilson and Shehan Welihindha was just a dream four years ago. "We've sort of been waiting for the right opportunity to get married since then," said Wilson. They had to travel to Wilson's home state of Maryland. In November, voters there passed the Civil Marriage Protection Act which took effect on New Year's Day. "We found out on Friday before Christmas that yes, we were on the list of couples that could get married," said Wilson. On January 1st, at Baltimore City Hall in front of friends, family and the media, seven couples got married, including Welihindha and Wilson. "We walked into those chambers with all those lights on, the flashes going off," Welihindha. "It was very surreal. It started to feel like I was dreaming that it wasn't really happening." But it was real.

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