December 6, 2012

Indiana voters could get to decide whether a marriage equality ban ends up in the state's constitution. It is expected to be a fight in the coming legislative session. One group believes the law could have economic implications. The proposed ban on marriage for same-sex couples won overwhelmingly in the General Assembly in 2011. They would need to pass the measure in the same form in 2013 or 2014 for it to be allowed to go to voters for a referendum. Voters would decide whether a marriage ban would end up in the state constitution. And many believe the amendment won't be hard to pass in the General Assembly this year, now that Republicans have won a supermajority in both chambers. The amendment would define marriage in Indiana as between one man and one woman and place it in our state's constitution. While many agree or disagree with it based on their moral beliefs, one group is gearing up to make it an economic issue.