The Daily Progress
December 5, 2012

A family member of missing Charlottesville teenager [Sage Smith] lambasted the city’s response to his disappearance Monday night, saying that the city’s black, poor and gay communities "are not feeling safe." Kenneth Jackson, of Rice, asked to address the City Council at Monday’s meeting, saying he was once proud of Charlottesville, his hometown.

"But I can’t brag on Charlottesville when my little 19-year-old cousin is missing," Jackson said, adding that the FBI and state police should be called in to help with the search. He then turned to address city Police Chief Timothy J. Longo, who was sitting in the chamber. "Chief, the police department has not done what it’s supposed to do to find our child," Jackson said. In an interview, Longo said his department has brought in outside resources to help with the search for Smith, but he can't lay out details about everything police are doing due to the fact that a suspect may still be at large. 

GLAAD has reached out to the Virginia media reporting this story to correct their problematic reference to Sage Smith and to organizers in Charlottesville, Virginia.