The Salt Lake City Tribune
January 9, 2013

Utah County GOP Vice Chairwoman Bonnie Morrow asked her brother, tea party leader and former gubernatorial candidate David Kirkham, for help finding a well-known Republican to give the keynote speech at the county’s Lincoln Day Dinner Feb. 9. So Kirkham emailed his friend Glenn Reynolds, a popular conservative blogger, contributor to Fox News and professor at the University of Tennessee, who was more than happy to participate. He said he would speak free of charge, and Kirkham volunteered to pay for his airplane ticket. But after county chairman David Acheson emailed members of the executive committee to get their input on the choice, Morrow told her brother she was informed there were concerns about Reynolds and the party should find someone else. The problem: Reynolds has publicly come out in favor of gay rights. Acheson dropped that bomb on Morrow on Sunday, three weeks after she had told him of Reynolds’ commitment.