The Washington Post
May 24, 2013

President Obama’s commencement address at Morehouse College in Atlanta certainly has gotten a lot of attention. Quite a few Africans Americans don’t like how he talks to predominantly black audiences. As The Post’s Vanessa Williams reported yesterday, “The personal-responsibility finger-wagging … is getting old” for many. My disagreement with that is well documented. But lost in all the talk about what the president said to the all-male historically black college is how Obama ensured that his finger-wagging message also applied to gay black men. Now, there was some initial confusion about the reaction to what he said. But if you fast forward to 22:18 on the video of the president’s speech and listen attentively to the audio, you’ll hear something wonderful happen. Obama was extolling the hard work and dedication of one of the graduates who personified his urging to the men to “[k]eep setting an example for what it means to be a man.”