July 31, 2013

Colorado’s first recognized same-sex divorce became final Monday, blazing a trail for gay couples married in other states to legally terminate their relationships here without uprooting their lives, according to Denver lawyer Kyle Martelon.

“In a way, it’s not necessarily a great thing to be celebrating,” said Juli Yim, Martelon’s client whose civil union dissolution is the first on the books in Colorado since the law took effect May 1. “By the same token, I have been trying for years to take care of this but have not had an opportunity to live in a state that allowed that.”

Colorado’s civil union law recognizes same-sex marriages and civil unions authorized in other states to the extent of this state’s law. One of the quandaries around its implementation was whether legally recognized relationships from other states could be dissolved here because a patchwork of widely varied standards exist in those states with respect to divorce.