The Chicago Tribune
July 11, 2013

The two women clutched each other, pinned against a car by as many as 10 men who taunted them for being gay and took turns punching and kicking them on the dark street.

“It was punches, kicks, everything being thrown at us,” said one of the women, 23. “We just held each other until somebody said, ‘Here come the police.’ ”

Police have labeled the attack a hate crime and have charged one man so far. The rest remain at large.

The attack occurred late Saturday night as the women walked down North LeClaire Avenue in the South Austin neighborhood on the West Side. 

A man they knew from the neighborhood started following them, the woman said. Earlier that night, the couple had passed him as he stood with other men. As has happened before, the woman's masculine dress prompted anti-gay slurs, she said. The woman's girlfriend, 25, told the men to stop, in vain, the woman said.