April 1, 2013
Last week on Chicago Fire, Kelly Severide agreed to donate sperm to his lesbian roommate Leslie Shay so that she could have a baby. She told him that the entire process would cost a staggering (and unrealistic) $10,000. She did not have that amount of money so, after Gabriela Dawson told her that “nature had come up with a cheaper way” Shay asked Severide, in one of the most uncomfortable scenes in the show’s history, to agree to “Plan B” in which he would sleep with her. By the end of the episode Shay’s father told her he would pay for the insemination and Plan B went away. For some fans of Chicago Fire, Leslie Shay was their lesbian representative. She was strong and funny, kind and loyal. She was good at her job, confident in her sexuality, and looking for a woman to love her as fiercely as she loves. But now, this show has offered those viewers a version of what it means to be a lesbian that gives them license to believe the notion that a lesbian is just a woman who hasn’t found the right man.