Huffington Post
October 18, 2012
Spirit Day seeks to acknowledge the pain that all of us in the LGBT community and our allies have felt with the loss of so many young lives due to bullying. Millions of people have responded to Brittany's call to wear purple in honor of the victims of bullying in our nation and around the world. For those of us who do theology from the margins of our queerness, the actions of this brave young woman can only be described as the incarnation of the Spirit of God. Spirit Day is for us a reminder that God -- the God who was made flesh and walked among God's own people -- is still being incarnated among us, especially among those who have suffered persecution and violence. All of us who profess the Christian faith will do good in responding to the call of the Spirit through Brittany and to wear purple on Friday (Oct. 19) in honor of the many victims of bullying and violence.

Rev. J. Manny Santiago writes in the Huffington Post some of the reasons why he, as a Christian minister, urges you to go purple for Spirit Day.