May 7, 2012
Specifically focused around LGBT people and activists in Uganda, "Call Me Kuchu" (gay and transgendered citizens are called "kuchus") centers around the life and tragic death of David Kato, a veteran activist who spent years fighting against his country’s insanely homophobic society. Among other terrifying things, an anti-homosexuality bill proposing death for HIV-positive gay men is introduced and Kato is one of the few brave enough to try and stop it. Unfortunately, after courageously changing the face of LGBT rights in the country, Kato was brutually murdered early last year. Indiewire caught up with Zouhali-Worral and Fairfax Wright ahead of their Hot Docs premiere. Canonizing Kato's life and shedding light on the remarkable efforts of people like him, their first film as feature directors is a powerful and important one that should not be missed...
Check out Indiewire's interview with filmmakers Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright about their amazing new film Call Me Kuchu, which presents a deeply troubling look at the legal and social difficulties faced by LGBT people in Uganda and a stirring, emotional portrait of a man who fought to change the status quo.