5 NBC Chicago
January 14, 2013

A group of 50 Illinois business leaders and organizations that includes Google, Orbitz, and Groupon, as well as the CEOs of Hyatt Hotels, Navistar, Morningstar, and Johnson Publishing, have come out in support of marriage equality in Illinois, with a letter telling the General Assembly that allowing same-sex marriage would, among other things, make Illinois more competitive when it comes to attracting top talent, as well as bringing millions of dollars into the state’s coffers. The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would allow gay and lesbian couples to get married in Illinois, if passed by the General Assembly could make Illinois the 10th state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. In their letter to the General Assembly, the group urged legislators to consider the economic advantages that passing marriage equality would have for the state. They cited a study from the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, which states that allowing same-sex couples to marry would generate between $39 million and $72 million for Illinois businesses, creating $4.5 million to $8 million in new sales and lodging tax revenues over three years.