December 5, 2012

For $35, Bryn Kelly will cut your hair into an Elvis-inspired pomp or a Don Draper taper haircut. For a little less she will give you the punk-inspired cut that she calls "The Haircut That Will Piss Off Your Parents."  The 32-year-old Brooklyn hairdresser has set herself a goal of raising $7,000 as quickly as possible, in a bid to put a down payment on a long-awaited sex reassignment surgery. In the first three days of her fundraiser, Kelly raised $4,000 dollars. In a week, her website has received 122 donations totaling $5,275 dollars from supporters all over the world. According to Kelly, gender-confirming surgery is not generally covered by U.S. insurance companies and her own health insurance “has an iron-clad exclusion against coverage for transgender-related surgeries.” In the fall of last year, the Cuomo administration considered a program that would cover surgery and therapy for transgender New Yorkers. But according to Noah Lewis at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, that proposal was quickly shot down. And “most employers have exclusions in their health care insurance policies for transgender-related care,” he said.