The Sun Journal
September 6, 2012
Christopher Tiner’s Cub Scout badges and belt buckles still have a place of honor in his living room. But it was honor — and a bit of the 9-year-old’s boredom with Scouting — that led him to quit. “I didn’t like it that they were kicking people out,” Christopher said. “I don’t think it’s fair.” He saw national news stories about Eagle Scouts giving back their medals since the organization reaffirmed its stance barring people who are openly gay from participating as Scouts or serving as leaders. Christopher thought about the camping trips and the wooden cars he’d made, his trophies and his badges. In the end, the good stuff wasn’t good enough to outweigh his growing restlessness with the Scouts or its decision. “He could make his own decision about it,” said Scott Tiner, Christopher’s father. In the end, the decision was easy, Christopher said. The Scouts had soured for him. He had stuff to do with his friends, anyway. Does he regret the decision? “No,” Christopher said.