June 19, 2013
Monica Roberts, Houston, Texas “Pride reminds me I'm also part of and heir to a legacy of struggle for the human rights of transgender people that was kicked off one night in June 1969 by Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson. And the struggle for trans human rights continues today. It's even more important it be recognized by fellow African Americans in the face of the anti-trans violence and discrimination disproportionately aimed at us.” Betsey Hawes, St. Paul, Minn. “Stepping out with my wife and child and facing the world with the attitude that we are as good and as important as every kind of family. Pride means being who we are fully and showing our child that we are just like every family, built solely on love." Regnarian Jenkins, New York, N.Y. “Having the strength to be who I am regardless of the feedback from others. Pride is self-manufactured and maintained over the years. Pride is something that u may not be born with but is very attainable with perseverance and strength within yourself to realize that hey....I am who I am and I love all of me.....the good just as well as the bad. I am pride...”