The Washington Blade
February 11, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden said the Obama administration will “wait and see” what the Senate comes up with on immigration reform before determining whether to insist a provision for same-sex couples be included in the package, according to a report from Bloomberg News. “We’re going to wait and see what the Senate bill and the bipartisan group presents, and we’ll make our judgments,” Biden reportedly said during an interview on Capitol Hill. “We made it clear what we think should be done, and we’ll see.” Biden’s remarks suggest the Obama administration is closely monitoring whether language will be included in immigration reform to ensure bi-national same-sex couples can remain together in the United States — a provision Obama included in his proposal for a change in U.S. immigration law. An official in Biden’s office clarified for the Washington Blade that Biden “was simply stating that he wanted to see specific legislation” and the White House looks forward to working with Congress as it develops a bill.