Equality Matters
August 20, 2013

Right-wing media erupted in outrage over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's decision on August 19 to "reluctantly" sign into law a bill banning "conversion therapy" for gay, lesbian, and bisexual minors, attacking Christie's decision as an affront to religious freedom, the epitome of government overreach, and a boon to child molesters.

As Christie noted in signing the law, the American Psychological Association (APA) opposes "ex-gay" therapy as harmful and scientifically unsound. Reports have exposed the cruel, degrading, and disturbing tactics employed by "ex-gay" therapy organizations, and a staggering 92 percent of former "ex-gay" patients report that they experienced harm as a result of the treatment.

On his radio program, Sean Hannity ignored the fraudulent quackery of "ex-gay" therapy to frame the debate as a matter of religious freedom. "Is there freedom of religion anymore, or is that banned in New Jersey?" Hannity asked, before concluding that it "sounds like" the answer is the latter: